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David Conderman - How to give yourself a 300% chance of hitting your 2021 Goals

David Conderman, Operating Principal and Mega Agent at Keller Williams Key Partners in Kansas City knows his models. He has studied the Millionaire Real Estate Agent (MREA) book written by Gary Keller for 13 years and counting. David has dissected Gary’s MREA book and turned the Four Fundamental Models into a Google Sheet that more than 200 agents use each year to power their business. David’s system gives you a 300% chance of hitting your goals when used properly!

The system includes your Economic Model (Numbers), Lead Generation Model (Met and Haven’t Met Database), Budget Model (Financials) and the Organisational Model (People) to teach you how to drive your goals and surpass them!! David has taught Keller Williams Business Planning Clinic over 100 times to well over 3,000 agents. Hundreds of agents have used his system to implement the MREA Models to build businesses of over 100M a year in production!

Don’t miss your opportunity to listen to David and see how he uses the MREA Models to build a Mega Agent Business!!

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