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Kristan Cole - Powerhouse Leader

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Kristan Cole is a powerhouse leader changing the way real estate works. She has over 36 years of real estate experience and provides a sense of trust and warmth when she interacts with clients, agents, and other business leaders. She’s on a mission to share her best practices for lead generation, coaching and training, operational growth, and business development with her fellow business owners and real estate agents.

Throughout her progressive career she has served in leadership roles like Operating Principle, Southwest Regional Director, Market Center Investor, and Vice President of Mega Agent Expansion, where she shared her expertise about business ownership and sustainable growth with agents around the country.

One of Kristan's defining leadership qualities is that she believes in a collaborative effort with like-minded agents and leaders. She helps her partners become top producers and empowers her leaders to profitably grow their market centres and regions.

In 2010 she started to expand her business nationwide so that she could help more people build the business they’ve always wanted. Since then she has grown from Alaska to 45 locations nationwide and expects to close more than $600M in volume and 2,000 transactions in 2020.

Kristan’s rapid growth ultimately led her to become a speaker, business consultant, and coach to the top 1% of real estate companies. Each year she helps thousands of real estate agents and business owners reach new heights in their careers through experience-based consulting and nationwide training events like her Growthward Summit.

Kristan is widely recognised in the industry, consistently ranking among the top 10 teams at Keller Williams and among the top 50 teams in the U.S. She also appears in high-profile publications like REAL Trends and The Wall Street Journal.

She's involved with a number of charitable organisations as well, and started "Kristan's Home of Hope" (KHOH) - a 501c3 nonprofit - to provide safe housing for at risk youth. KHOH is Kristan's primary philanthropic effort to improve communities and serve those in need. She donates a portion of each commission to KHOH.

As a mother of five, grandmother, licensed small engine aircraft pilot, and former Miss Alaska, nothing brings her greater joy than helping people succeed in their own lives; whether they be her clients, agents, the under-served, or family.





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