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Wealth Building with Marc King

Marc King is currently a Director of Growth at KWRI, a Divisional Leader with KWRI, the Operating Principle of 2 Keller Williams Market Centres and a KWU instructor. In his 18 years with Keller Williams he has had the honour of being:

  • Inducted into the Team Leader Hall of Fame

  • Recognised as a Black Belt Team Leader

  • An Investor in 10 Keller Williams Market Centres

  • A MAPS Coach to multiple KW Regions

  • A MAPS coach to over 100 Market Centres through the TL and OP roles.

  • An Operating Principle of multiple top Market Centres in the Greater Heartland Region

Marc is passionate about Keller Williams!  As a Team Leader he recruited over 2,000 agents to Keller Williams through systems and models.  Marc is now moving forward to help all of KWRI GROW.

And therefor, Marc is looking forward to help YOUR BUSINESS grow to exponential heights in 2021!

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