International Speakers

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Monica Reynolds

VP of MAPS Coaching

Monica has dedicated her career to teaching and coaching agents and assistants in the real estate industry.

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Bill Soteroff

President, Keller Williams Worldwide

Bill Soteroff is one of the leading figures in international real estate franchising, having operated and managed 2,700 offices in more than 89 countries.

Tara Smith

Team Leader, MAPS & KWU Coach

Tara Smith, from Lexington Kentucky has been an influential person in the Real Estate Industry since 2007. Before joining Keller Williams Realty in 2013, she was a long-standing Top Producer in her Market.

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Matthew Teter

Director of Leadership Coaches, KW MAPS

Matthew's passion lies in developing Leaders, Lives and Careers. As the Director of Leadership Coaches, he is responsible for coordinating the strategy and value for more than60 MAPS Coaches and over 1600 Leadership Clients throughout Keller Williams.


David Osborn

Real Estate Icon, Philanthropist

After sticking out his thumb and traveling the world, David returned home to Austin, Texas broke and unemployed, at the age of 26. Though his travels may not have yielded wealth, they instilled the key motivation that he brings to every part of his life to create it -- freedom.

Jeanne Osness

MAPS Executive Coach, KWRI

Jeanne Osness, MAPS Executive Coach. Jeanne coaches several of our top KW Agents and specializes in growing highly profitable businesses. She is also the author of the popular KW Profit Camp Course and MAPS Models. 

Saundra Kandler@3x.png

Saundra Kandler

MAPS Leadership MCA Mastery Coach

Saundra’s wide variety of experience both inside and outside the real estate industry will provide great value and a unique perspective to our future leaders.

Mo Anderson 1.jpg

Mo Anderson

Co-owner, Vice Chairperson, KWRi

Nicknamed the “Velvet Hammer” for her soft and distinctly effective leadership style,  Mo Anderson’s personal integrity, faith and unending drive positioned Keller Williams to become one of the most successful franchises in real estate history.

Darren Kittleson

OP, Keller Williams Realty-Madison

Darren Kittleson is a multiple real estate brokerage owner and multiple market centre Operating Principal in Wisconsin. 


David Conderman

Owner, Mega Agent - Keller Williams Realty Key Partners

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Sajag Patel.png

Sajag Patel

CEO, BOLD Real Estate Consultants

Sajag is the founder and CEO of BOLD Real Estate Consultants, and has years of experience in the field. He and his team are particularly adept at assisting home buyers, home sellers, property investors, and distressed property owners with their real estate needs.

Althea Osborn

Queen of Profit Share, KW

By the age of 66, Althea won the highest producing agent 26 out of 30 years at Keller Williams. Find out what Althea did during the next 20 years!


Christa Matheson

Regional Director of Expansion

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Lucas Sherraden

CEO, Team Leader, KW Realty Partners Inc.

For over 20 years, I have helped people achieve their goals in life. Having started in Real Estate in my early 20's as a hobby, then as an investor - I am now successfully helping people as an agent. 

Melanie Kennemann

Executive TL, OP

I truly believe in being the best that you can be, and that the little things you do EVERY day, can make a huge impact on your life!

Rebecca Rose.jpg

Rebecca Rose

COO, KW Realty Chesterfield

I have strong administrative, organizational and customer service skills, combined with the ability to coordinate my efforts with others to meet organizational goals. 


Marc King

Director of Growth, KWRI

Marc is passionate about Keller Williams!  As a Team Leader he recruited over 2,000 agents to Keller Williams through systems and models.  Marc is now moving forward to help all of KWRI GROW.  

Nicole Zuber

Mega Agent, MAPS Mastery Coach

Nicole Zuber is a Mastery Coach and Head Coach of Director of Operations for Maps Coaching, Keller Williams International.

Nikki Klein.jpg

Nikki Klein

Founder/Ceo, The Brilliant Team

Nikki Klein is one of South Florida’s most recognized real estate experts and founder of the Brilliant Team at Keller Williams Realty. A Native of London, England, she moved to sunny Florida to pursue her undergraduate degree at the University of Miami and quickly fell in love with the tropical lifestyle.


Denny Grimes

President/CEO, Denny Grimes & Team

Denny has over 35 years of Residential Real Estate experience. He's passionate about teaching real estate and he's a John Maxwell Certified Trainer.

Kristan Cole

Founder/CEO, Kristan Cole Real Estate Network

Kristan Cole is a powerhouse leader changing the way real estate works. She has over 36 years of real estate experience and has served in leadership roles like Operating Principle, Southwest Regional Director, Market Center Investor, and Vice President of Mega Agent Expansion.


Jason Abrams

VP of Industry, Keller Williams

"The Jerry Maguire of Real Estate." When superstar athletes and entertainers are looking for the best real estate agent, they call Jason.

Brad Gilboe.jpg

Brad Gilboe

Realtor, Burbank CA Homes

To be updated

Molly De Mattos

Owner, Broker, Trainer, The Matt & Molly Team

As an NCAA scholar athlete, Molly graduated from The University of North Carolina at Asheville with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Literature and Creative Writing.

Marco Coetzer.png

Marco Coetzer

Owner, KW Advance

For over 24 years Marco has been creating valuable opportunities and successful transactions for sellers and buyers alike.

Alexis Weigand Headshot.png

Alexis Weigand

Broker/Owner, Alexis Weigand Real Estate Group

My 2 passions are Sellers and Scripts! I own and lead a team in San Antonio, TX and we'll help 200 families make a move for a total of $2.3M in revenue in 2020. I'm also a MAPS Coach and have a group coaching course called The Mega Listing Agent. 

Emily Baker

MAPS Mastery Coach, MAPS Coaching

Emily Baker, the director of lead generation and operations, manages the inside sales agent (ISA) and outside sales agent (OSA) on the team.

Zuber Head Shot.jpeg

Craig Zuber

MAPS Executive Head Coach

As a 3rd generation Realtor, Craig Zuber has been immersed in the real estate industry, literally, his entire life. Craig loves to encourage, uplift & inspire others to be the very best they can be. He leads by example and has a passion for helping others succeed.

Caryn Prall.jpg

Caryn Prall

CEO & TL, KW Realty Naperville

Experienced Real Estate Leader with a successful track record in the real estate industry. Strong service, technology and training background to serve the needs of over 300 real estate professionals to achieve their highest potential. 

Maria Galleli

MAPS Leadership Coach, MAPS Coaching

With over 25 years of experience in finance and operations, I can honestly say Keller Williams has it right when it comes to building and owning a successful business.  Like Gary says, “Money is only good for the good that it can do”.  My passion lies in helping people figure that out.

Andrew Bloom@3x.png

Andrew Bloom

CEO, Senior Partner, BVO Luxury Group

After moving to KW in 2017, Andrew and his Team have grown their volume by 500% and the Team has grown to over 30 agents; in 2019 BVO Luxury Group was ranked #6 KW Team World Wide, closing over $183M in residential resale. Through building his 7th-Levebusiness, Andrew has traversed the opportunity map becoming the Team Leader in Southern California with OP Rick Cunningham. 

Jude Pascua.jpeg

Jude Pascua

KW Maps Coach

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